Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

A Well Designed Retirement Plan can provide valuable benefits to a small business, its owners and its employees.  It can:

  • Help to attract and retian skilled employees
  • Reward employees for their contributions to business success
  • Provide valuable tax deductions for the business
  • Enable owners and employees to reduce their taxable income
  • Help employees prepare for retirement
  • Provide a benefit employees value and appreciate
  • Help relieve the strees of not knowing if you can afford to retire

Creating and Managing a Successful Retirement Plan can be a complex undertaking that involves an investment of time and money.  So, like any other investment in your business, your retirement plan sould:

  • Operate efficiently
  • Be cost-effective, and
  • Meet your business and personal goals

The Highland Financial Group has the expertise to help you make the most of this investment by helping you design, implement and maintain a successful plan.  Click the links below to learn more about our process and services.













Helping You Maintain A Successful Retirement Plan

Employer-sponsored retirement plans offer valuable benefits to a small business, its owners and its employees, yet managing a plan can pose some challenges.  Among other things, plan sponsors must satisfy certain administrative and legal requirements, bear the risks of fiduciary responsibility, hire service providers, make investment decisions and manage plan expenses.  Highland Financial Group will help you choose a plan that makes sense for your business and to manage the plan effectively – so it provides the benefits you want without being an excessive burden on your time and resources.  The services we offer include:

Choosing a Plan That Meets Your Needs

A well designed retirement plan can be an asset to your business and a valued benefit for your employees.  However, choosing the right plan can be a complex process.  There are several types of retirement plans, each with different benefits, costs and administrative requirements.  Highland’s retirement plan specialists work with you to understand your needs and help you select a plan with features designed to meet your specific needs, budget and administrative capabilities.

If you already have a plan in place, we'll review the plan and its features to help determine if it's effectively meeting your needs and to identify possible areas for improvement.

Choosing Service Providers

Choosing the right companies to provide administrative and investment services is a critical part of setting up a successful plan.  It's also a fiduciary duty that requires a prudent and diligent evaluation of a provider's services and fees.  Highland works with some of the most experienced and highly respected service companies in the industry, and we'll help you find the one(s) that are right for your plan and your business.

  • Here is a partial list of service partners through which we offer reitrement plan services.

Managing Plan Investments

Choosing a well-diversified menu of plan investment options is another essential part of creating a successful retirement plan.  It's also a fiduciary duty.  Employers must exercise great care and prudence in choosing and managing the plan's investment options.  Highland will help you select a mix of quality investment options for your plan, and we'll review these with you periodically to keep your investment menu up to date.

Meeting Your Fiduciary Responsibilities

In some plans, business owners are considered fiduciaries to the plan's participants and their beneficiaries.  Among other things, fiduciaries must act in the best interests of these individuals and must carry out their duties with the skill and prudence of a a "knowlegable expert."  Failure to understand and meet these responsibilities can expose fiduciaries to personal liability.  We help you to understand your role as a fiduciary and to implement procedures to meet your responsibilities and manage the associated personal risks.

Keeping Up With Retirement Plan Rules

Laws governing employer-sponsored retirement plans are complex and ever-changing.  Although we do not offer tax or legal advice, we follow these rules closely to keep you informed of how changing regulations may affect your plan, actions you may need to take or new opportunities you might want to consider.

Helping Employees Make the Most of Your Retirement Plan

Highland assigns a dedicated financial professional to every retirement plan.  These fully licensed professionals offer both group and indiviual meetings to help your employees with their retirement planning.  Our professionals also offer a full complement of financial services to help your employees with insurance, financial and estate planning strategies, investments, college planning and other services.

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